Dash Dash

Years ago, when I was transcribing payday loans mo for a friend who was unable to type due to carpal tunnel syndrome, she would often say, to emphasize a certain clause, “dash dash” in front and at the end of the clause. I would type ” — ” accordingly. That was my introduction to the “dash dash” or em dash, best rate personal loans a name I recently learned. Curious, I referred to Lynn Truss’s bestselling punctuation book Eats, Shoots and Leaves, and she says that, younger than the comma, colon, and semicolon, the em dash has evolved into a substitute for all three punctuation marks.

So where punctuation is concerned, dashes are a online payday lender relatively modern invention. They became known as em dashes because of their length, the width of an uppercase “M”. The en dash, in contrast, is simply the length of the lowercase “n” and it is used to separate numbers in a series. The em and en dashes are not interchangeable.

Some faxless bad credit loans style guides advise that the em dash should only be used for additional emphasis, or an abrupt change of thought. In all other cases, they recommend sticking to the more traditional punctuation marks.

Avoid street food that has been out in the hot sun — it might give you food poisoning.

Avoid street food that has been out in the hot sun; it might give you food poisoning.

I bought some new clothes  — socks, shirts, shorts, and a hat.

I bought some new clothes: socks, shirts, shorts, and a hat.

There isn’t much difference in the above examples. The traditional low intrest loans marks are simply more tidy; for grammar sticklers, this would be the preferred format.

Microsoft Word will automatically format em and en dashes. To insert an em dash, do not enter a space, and type two hyphens between words. For an en dash, type a space and two hyphens, followed by another space in-between the words.

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