Translation: Getting it "Right"

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We have been handling quite a few translations, from both English to Thai and Thai to English, for a number of clients. The work ranges from industry reports and books to TV program subtitles. The above is an English translation of a book pa payday loans foreword originally written in Thai. We consciously try to retain the exact meaning and tone in each translated piece, but it can be tricky. Often, linguistic nuances and personal voice get lost in the process.

Luckily, we have a small (and great) team of translators, editors and copywriters who collaborate on such assignments, translating, reorganizing and polishing the piece until we feel it best represents the original work.

Here’s an interesting blog post from the Huffington Post on the most payday loan instant approval common myths about translation quality:

The world of translation can be a confusing place, especially if you’re the one doing the buying on behalf of your company. Many purchasers of translation services feel like you might when you take your car to payday loan california the mechanic. How do you really know what’s going on underneath the hood? After all, if you don’t speak the language into which you’re having something translated, how can you measure quality and hold your vendors accountable?

The entire post can be found here.

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