Find Your Definitive Writing Style

There are a number of types of writing that are incorrectly labeled as being styles of writing. Your writing style is something that sets your writing apart from others, something that makes your writing engaging and easily identifiable as having come from you.

People describe the first, second or third person as being styles of writing. However, these are merely points of view.  Others describe adopting a casual, business-like or academic voice as being styles of writing, but these are just ‘tones’ that writers take in their writing to frame their messages and set the mood of the information they are conveying.

Points of view and tones are just tools to be used within a definitive style of writing.

Developing Your Style

Most serious novelists strive to develop a certain style in their writing. Once they have developed their style, they tend to stick to it and use it as the most comfortable way to convey information.

In this way, developing a certain style should be like the difference in driving down a rutted road as opposed to driving down a four-lane highway.

When you first start writing, you’re on the rutted road. You write with indecision and often find the need to backtrack and clarify sentences as they haven’t said exactly what you want to say.

Once you learn to write effectively, you’re able to pull onto that four-lane highway of writing. You find that you’re able to decrease the amount of amount of time you spend saying what it is you have to say and you’re able to say it more succinctly and clearer.

Hopefully, you’ll find yourself writing with more humor, clarity and depth. You’ll think of examples quickly and use them effectively.

Style Takes Time 

Developing a style takes time. Don’t simply use another admired writer’s style as a substitute for developing your own. Maintaining someone else’s style will take a concerted effort which won’t be worth it over the long-run.

You’ll find that your style will develop naturally the more you write. You’ll slowly develop your own voice and way of saying things effectively.

Using Your Style Professionally

Once you’ve developed an effective style of writing, stick to it. Working with clients who give you a long list of writing rules and standards to obey and ignore your own writing style are not the clients that you want to be working with.

They simply want you to write in their voice instead of your own and you’ll find yourself struggling to write effectively within the structure they’ve defined.

Prepare a portfolio that highlights a variety of articles on several topics and use them to advertise your skills as well as your style. Stick to clients who have seen your portfolio and want to work with you based on the writing samples you have provided.

You’ll be much more effective, happier in your assignments and successful in your career by being true to your own writing style.

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