Editors Help You to Establish Your Voice

A good editor is much more than someone who cleans up grammatical mistakes and typos. They’re someone you can turn to say what you want to say much more clearly and succinctly.

An editor who knows what they’re doing reads your essay or business paper as a whole before they attempt any work on it.

Preserving Your Style

They’ll get a feel for the way the paper is put together and how the message is structured. They’ll also take pains to include your writing style in the finished version of your work.

Your written work should represent your writing at its best. It’s your voice and you should speak your mind and state your position as clearly and evenly as possible. Recognizing your voice in your writing is largely the job of the editor.

They have a duty to understand what you are saying and figure out the best way to communicate your message to its intended audience.

This often means finding the right balance between proper grammar and sentence structure, and giving allowances for a writer’s particular voice.

Creative and Business Writing Needs to Reflect a Personality

You’d assume that this ‘style’ is largely the domain of creative writers. However, it’s just as important for the CEO or representative of a company writing a statement that is to be included in a company’s annual report, for instance.

Shareholders in that company want to know that what the CEO is saying in their statement are actually their own words. This means that if the CEO has a distinctive way of speaking, the editor should ensure that they preserve that style of speaking in the CEO’s written words.

An editor who simply goes through a piece and corrects the grammatical and typos is not doing their job. It’s the editor’s job to also address the style of the writer as well as improve the flow of the ideas that the writer is addressing.

Good Editing Can Make a Difference

A badly written and edited piece of writing can be disastrous. However, you need to remember, that if the piece is badly or sloppily edited and is published, it reflects on the writer, not the editor. The badly written piece can damage your business credibility and hurt the company that you’re representing.

This is why it’s so important to engage the services of a competent editor, someone who understands all aspects of the editing process and seeks to gain an understanding of you as well as your written words.

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