How to Use the Semi-colon

No punctuation mark gets as widely neglected or abused as much as the poor misunderstood semi-colon. Writers who avoid using it in a misguided attempt of a ‘if I ignore it, it doesn’t exist’ sort of scenario are just as guilty as writers who misuse it as an alternative to the comma. Using a semi-colon…

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Editors Help You to Establish Your Voice

A good editor is much more than someone who cleans up grammatical mistakes and typos. They’re someone you can turn to say what you want to say much more clearly and succinctly. An editor who knows what they’re doing reads your essay or business paper as a whole before they attempt any work on it.…

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Translation: Getting it "Right"

personal loan low fixed rate We have been handling quite a few translations, from both English to Thai and Thai to English, for a number of clients. The work ranges from industry reports and books to TV program subtitles. The above is an English translation of a book pa payday loans foreword originally written in…

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More Confusing Words

Practice or practise? In British English, both forms are used; ‘practise’ is a no credit personal loans verb and ‘practice’ is a noun. In American English, there is no distinction, and only the word ‘practice’ is used as both a verb and noun. Examples using ‘practise’ (verb) and ‘practice’ (noun): I practise Bikram yoga. It…

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Confusing Words

Complementary and Complimentary, for starters.  Once I used the words ‘free wifi available’ in hotel copy and was told by the client that it sounded cheap, so I changed the phrase to ‘complementary wifi’, not realizing my mistake. The client then responded in all easy fast online loans caps, ‘USE BRITISH ENGLISH’.  Huh? After staring…

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Comma Sense (Part 2)

More on comma use. loan against life insurance Bear with us. It’s getting interesting (for me, at least). Would you put a comma in the following sentences? By this time tomorrow I’ll be in Phuket. In the wee hours feral cats yowl and hiss. Generally I dislike creamy salad dressing. You can but you don’t…

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Comma Sense (Part 1)

Grammar is fascinating. It’s the structure of language, the basis of future loans effective written communication, and an art form in and of itself. The rules of grammar are not easy to apply, but they can definitely be mastered. More than any other element of writing, punctuation is paramount. It combines rules with sound, preference,…

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WEF East Asia

The World Economic Forum (WEF) for East Asia kicks off in Bangkok this week, and we played a role as editors of the Thailand Competitiveness Report 2012, a lengthy piece that will be given to the forum’s participants, including CEOs and other top business executives, and government leaders. Under the theme of connectivity, the report…

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Under our FAQs, we list the question: ‘What exactly is copywriting?’ Basically, payday loans spartanburg sc it is the generation of written material, with the purpose of marketing a company, an idea, a product or service, or even a person. Writing good copy is, by no means, an easy task. We have payday loans peoria…

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