Writing Effectively for Business

The need for effective writing in the business world has never been greater than it has been since the dawn of the internet. Yet, effective business writing can still be summed up in two words: Tone and Clarity. When you’re writing for a company, your words are serving as a reflection of the company’s standards…

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How Writers Can Avoid ‘The Paralysis of Analysis’

The ‘paralysis of analysis’ is a term I once heard from a teacher who was lecturing on the pitfalls to avoid in your study and work habits. As I entered the workforce, I found that the term was extremely useful to remember and a habit to try to avoid at all costs. The term refers…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Bangkok, with Kids

Beyond Bangkok’s chaotic veneer and seamy reputation, the payday loans austin city is surprisingly easy (and wholesome) for families. Also, Thais generally love children; little ones are welcome everywhere and no one minds a little public tantrum. Whether you are visitors or pay day loan online locals, Bkk Kids is a great English-language resource on…

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Who vs. Whom

What’s a rainy, languid best low interest loans day without a grammar lesson to perk things up?  When do we use who versus whom? Came across this earlier, and had to look up the rules regarding their usage. Basically, whom always follows prepositions (e.g., need loan now by, to, with, on, in, near). Also, whom…

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More Confusing Words

Practice or practise? In British English, both forms are used; ‘practise’ is a no credit personal loans verb and ‘practice’ is a noun. In American English, there is no distinction, and only the word ‘practice’ is used as both a verb and noun. Examples using ‘practise’ (verb) and ‘practice’ (noun): I practise Bikram yoga. It…

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NY Resolution: Writing Well

Our professional resolution for 2013 is inspired by Joseph Conrad, who said, “My task which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make cheap pay advances you hear, to make you feel — it is, before all, to make you see. That — and no more, and it…

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Comma Sense (Part 2)

More on comma use. loan against life insurance Bear with us. It’s getting interesting (for me, at least). Would you put a comma in the following sentences? By this time tomorrow I’ll be in Phuket. In the wee hours feral cats yowl and hiss. Generally I dislike creamy salad dressing. You can but you don’t…

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Comma Sense (Part 1)

Grammar is fascinating. It’s the structure of language, the basis of future loans effective written communication, and an art form in and of itself. The rules of grammar are not easy to apply, but they can definitely be mastered. More than any other element of writing, punctuation is paramount. It combines rules with sound, preference,…

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